Solar Water Solutions

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Home Solar Water Solutions
Home Solar Water Solutions

Suntech and Pentair keep lifecycle costs low for solar water supply with off-grid water pumping systems. Suntech was the first to offer a DC to AC solar inverter that can support any AC device whether it is single or three phase, 50 or 60 Hz, 120 or 230V.

  • Low operating costs and no energy costs – costs are known in advance
  • Retrofit any standard AC pump into a solar pump
  • A robust system – long product life, low maintenance and manageable   service requirements  
  • Advice and support to ensure delivery of the right optimised solar water solution

Suntech and Pentair offer Solar Water Solutions with unmatched flexibility for reliable water supply. From low-flow up to 3HP solar-powered applications, Suntech has an optimised solar water solution that matches any application on the farm or ranch, in or around the home, and for communities in developing countries-